FA-LA-LA is great food, naturally. Our menu is simple and focused on what we do best: Falafel, Slow cooked Meat and roasted Chicken. All of our ingredients are fresh, our food is made on the premises and it is of the highest quality.

Our sandwiches are served in our homemade Pita, which is baked daily on the premises.


Our special salads and sauces are the perfect complement to the falafel sandwich. Our falafel, salads and sauces come together in our freshly made pita bread to create an amazing, healthy and nutritious sandwich.

Environmentally friendly:

We care about the environment and we are doing what we can to help keep the planet clean. For example, we recycle our frying oil into bio-fuel and all of our utensils are biodegradable. Our Meat is grass fed and organic and our chicken is free range, organic.

We are proud to be a member of Bay Area Green Business


Efficient stuffing


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Green business

Green business